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Niche Marketing it’s all about chasing the long tail.

As people get more used to search engines their search habits change too, no longer do we see people typing one word in to the search boxes, we now see people typing in 2, 3, 4. sometimes more, words in and also complete phrases.

The smarter SEO’s saw this trend a number of years ago and started optimising for longtail phrases knowing these are easier to rank for, the traffic is increasing, and more importantly conversion rates on short phrases appears higher than conversion rates on single word searches.

2 thoughts on “Niche Marketing Blog

  1. I’d definitely agree. Chasing short tail key phrases is just impossible! Although there’s less of a chance of people using long tail key phrases, statistically you’re better off as you’ll be higher in the rankings. For my site, we’re looking at having a 3 word key phrase and maybe shake things up in the future with a shorter key phrase.

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