UK Stairlifts Suppliers Directory

UK Stairlift Suppliers Directory We help you Find Stairlift suppliers, Stairlift installers and Stairlift maintenance contractors * Stairlift Suppliers * Stairlift Installers * Stairlift Reviews * Stairlift Comparisons * Stairlifts Directory Stairlifts Suppliers Directory Aberdeenshire Stairlifts Angus Stairlifts Argyll and Bute Stairlifts Avon Stairlifts Ayrshire Stairlifts Bedfordshire Stairlifts Berkshire Stairlifts Birmingham Stairlifts Blaenau Gwent Stairlifts … Continue reading “UK Stairlifts Suppliers Directory”

Vin Garde Wine Coolers

Vin Garde Wine Coolers Available in three sizes the Vin Garde Wine Cooler are designed with the serious collector in mind, all shelves accommodate most bottle shapes, including Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, Rhone etc. Full glass doors are standard throughout the range and a seamless stainless steel framed glass door is available as an option for … Continue reading “Vin Garde Wine Coolers”

Where to Obtain SA302 Tax Calculation Form

Where to Obtain SA302 Tax Calculation Form – Download SA302 from HMRC I created a new tool today that enables people to download SA302 tax calculation copies from HMRC today – Shortcut to Download Your SA302 from HMRC All you need is your UTR and your Government Gateway login details and it takes you direct … Continue reading “Where to Obtain SA302 Tax Calculation Form”

Business Categories in V1 Web

Business Categories in V1 Web List displays how many listings were in each business category of V1 Web Directory on 08/08/2017 3D Visualisation – [53] Abba Tribute Acts – [14] Access Consultants – [20] Access equipment – [137] Accessible Bathrooms – [9] Accident Investigators – [45] Accommodation – [554] Accountants – [2010] Acupuncture – [269] … Continue reading “Business Categories in V1 Web”



NRAC Navigation

A couple of internal pages on NRAC SEO Hero Map SEO Hero Theme

How Do You Know If You Have Entered The WiX SEO Hero Contest?

How Do You Know If You Have Entered The WiX SEO Hero Contest? I think I have entered 2 of my websites in to the WiX SEO Hero Contest. I say think because although I filled in the entry form on the WiX website I haven’t received any clarification or response. Did any other SEO … Continue reading “How Do You Know If You Have Entered The WiX SEO Hero Contest?”



Portable Wheelchair Ramps Selector

Portable Wheelchair Ramps Selector Access Appraisals have combined their Wheelchair Ramp Calculator with ramp recommender to create a Portable Wheelchair Ramps Selector Simply enter the height of the step you are trying to overcome and the Ramp Selector calculates which is the best ramp for you. Select Step Height 2 inches (50mm) 3 inches (75mm) … Continue reading “Portable Wheelchair Ramps Selector”

Save the Monopoly Dog

Save the Monopoly Dog on Stratford Monopoly Stop Winning Moves UK Killing Off The Dog in the Stratford-upon-Avon Monopoly Edition. Join our campaign now – Save The Monopoly Dog »

Stratford-upon-Avon Monopoly Old Kent Road Announced Thursday

Stratford-upon-Avon Monopoly Old Kent Road Announced Thursday Old is Gold for Stratford-Upon-Avon Monopoly Old Kent Road The Old Kent Road equivalent on the new Stratford-Upon-Avon Monopoly Edition will go to “very old” town landmark, Monopoly games’ chiefs confirm today – 27th September 2016 The makers of the new MONOPOLY board for Stratford-upon-Avon today hit back … Continue reading “Stratford-upon-Avon Monopoly Old Kent Road Announced Thursday”

Get More Google Reviews

Get More Google Reviews We have created a reviews section on UK Small Business Directory where you can leave a reviews of the services we provide – UK Small Business Directory Reviews We can also show you a simple way of How to get Google Reviews with this handy little Google Reviews Link Generator created … Continue reading “Get More Google Reviews”

Stratford-upon-Avon Business Directory

Stratford-upon-Avon Business Directory I had the intention of spending a couple of hours today tidying up my Stratford-upon-Avon Business Directory today got distracted again 🙁 Stratford-upon-Avon Business Directory Please contact us if you operate a Small business within a 10 mile radius of Stratford-upon-Avon and would like to be listed in our Stratford-upon-Avon Business Directory … Continue reading “Stratford-upon-Avon Business Directory”

Christmas Shopping Online – No Thank You

Christmas Shopping Online – No Thank You Updated 27/07/2010 – Just because I want to. The wife has been nagging for weeks to start the Christmas shopping and my excuse has always been Christmas doesn’t start until December and neither does my shopping! It’s now the 21st December and the nagging has raised a notch … Continue reading “Christmas Shopping Online – No Thank You”

UK Small Business Directory Goes HTTPS

UK Small Business Directory Goes HTTPS Business Directory


I made a post on sim64 last year simply titled opstopreason and for the life of me can’t remember why. All of a sudden that post has received loads of visitors who appear to just be searching for opstopreason Could someone please enlighten me, what is opstopreason ?

You wouldn’t fire a man ’till he finished his Texan bar would you

You wouldn’t fire a man ’till he finished his Texan bar would you?

Total Butler Oil Central Heating Oil : Butler Fuels – A GB Oils brand

Total Butler Oil Central Heating Oil If you are a regular customer of Total Butler for domestic heating oil this might interest you and save you a lot of money. Initial post about sales staff discounting prices (made on 3rd December 2008) I have been a regular customer of Total Butler (Butler Fuels) for over … Continue reading “Total Butler Oil Central Heating Oil : Butler Fuels – A GB Oils brand”

Guitar Repairs Warwickshire

Guitar Repairs Warwickshire We set up a new site over the weekend for a guy who provides a guitar repair, guitar set up service. Based in Great Rollright, nr Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Mike Vickers always struggled to find anyone local to repair his guitars so decided to go on a training course himself. With … Continue reading “Guitar Repairs Warwickshire”

How to Increase Your Google+ View Count

Find out how to increase your Google+ view count Sim 64 have created a simple Google+ Profile Diagnosis tool that may help you discover why your Profile View count is lower than expected and also provides advice on how to improve your view count. Enter your Google+ Id number or Custom URL below For example … Continue reading “How to Increase Your Google+ View Count”

Access Appraisals Limited Warwickshire

Access Appraisals Ltd. Honington Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire CV36 5AB 01608 663759 The wheelchair ramps section of Access Appraisals Ltd. is now operating from our new offices in Honington.

Was Bonnie Tyler Drunk at the Eurovision Song Contest

Was Bonnie Tyler Drunk at the Eurovision Song Contest As soon as Bonnie Tyler started singing at the Eurovision Song Contest my wife says is she drunk?

Irma Hadzimuratovic was a little girl not a series of airlifts Wikipedia

Irma Hadzimuratovic was a little girl not a series of airlifts Wikipedia I’ve blogged about Irma Hadzimuratovic a few times over the years. Most people won’t remember her and this isn’t helped by the fact if you go to the Irma Hadzimuratovic page on Wikipedia you are automatically redirected to a page about Operation Irma. … Continue reading “Irma Hadzimuratovic was a little girl not a series of airlifts Wikipedia”

Autumn Days Lyrics Estelle White

Update 07/09/2011 I originally wrote this blog post about Autumn Days after seeing the kids at my daughters primary school performing it for the Harvest Festival on 23rd September 2009 With so many people searching for Autumn Days lyrics, Autumn Days music, Autumn Days information, etc. at the moment I thought it was time I … Continue reading “Autumn Days Lyrics Estelle White”

Google Plus One Checker

I updated the Google Plus One Checker tool on V1 SEO last week to make it quicker and easier to use and also look a bit nicer. It has checked over 12,000 URL’s now to see how many Google +1’s they have received, although I noticed some people were abusing it and checking the same … Continue reading “Google Plus One Checker”

Sing Hosanna Lyrics Give me joy in my heart

My daughter moves up to big school in September and is in the last 2 weeks at primary school, on the last day, they have a leaving ceremony at the local church and hopefully one of the songs will be Give me joy in my heart

Restoring an Antique Desk

After having our Oak table restored last week my wife is now wanting me to get the antique furniture restorer round to have a look at the old desk which she inherited from her grandmother about 10 years ago. It’s been stored away in the spare room at her parents ever since she got it, but now … Continue reading “Restoring an Antique Desk”

Halloween 2009

Lorem Ipsum Copyright Claim

Lorem Ipsum Copyright Claim An ex professor from Sapienza University of Rome is threatening to turn the world of website designers, printers and typesetters upside down by claiming the copyright of Lorem ipsum. Professor Maxilanus Vitrioli claims to have found 15th century manuscript that name his far distance relative as the original creator of Lorem ipsum, … Continue reading “Lorem Ipsum Copyright Claim”

Local Business Directories

Have local online business directories had their day?

Is WordPress a ticking time bomb for small business

I spend a lot of time on seo forums, business forums, newsgroups, etc. and often see small business owners ask very simple questions about their websites like how to change images, update prices, change text, etc. Whenever anyone mentions updating, FTP details, hosting etc. a lot of these business owners haven’t a clue what any … Continue reading “Is WordPress a ticking time bomb for small business”

Castle Quay Shopping Centre Banbury

Castle Quay Shopping Centre Banbury I took my daughter to her aunties in Adderbury this morning and being only a couple of miles from Banbury decided to nip in and do a bit of shopping whilst I was there. Despite only being about 15 miles from Banbury, I seldom go there, and when I do, … Continue reading “Castle Quay Shopping Centre Banbury”

UK Wheelchair Basketball Teams

I set a new section up on my wheelchair ramps website today about wheelchair basketball. I hope to create a directory of Wheelchair Basketball Teams from all around the UK. Wheelchair Basketball was first played by ex servicemen with spinal cord injuries in 1946 and today is played in over 90 countries by over 25,000 … Continue reading “UK Wheelchair Basketball Teams”

Google Getting Dates Wrong

It looks like google are trying to be too clever again. Try a search on google like this, and you will see google has added a date to the start of some descriptions, a perfect example is My listing is at number 2 and the description google displays is, “6 Apr 2007 … Ensurve – … Continue reading “Google Getting Dates Wrong”

SearchMash Finished

SearchMash Finished and gone the way of the dinosaur I’ve always liked SearchMash, especially the flash version, so was saddened today when going there to find it was no more. No explanation, just a message saying searchmash has gone the way of the dinosaur

Marketing Advice

I decided tonight that rather than just make my new blog a business news site I would try to just concentrate on making it a blog offering Marketing Advice. I removed 3 or 4 categories, edited some posts, deleted some posts and created some new categories soecifically for Offline Marketing, Online Marketing, Advertising Tips and Search … Continue reading “Marketing Advice”

Google Florida Update 2003 – 2008

Many of us still remember the Google Florida update of November 2003. 5 years on, have Google done it again? Only time will tell.

Stratford Business Forum

I added some information about, and a link to the Stratford Business Forum from my Stratford-upon-Avon page today.

Free Advertising

I was having a look around my free advertising pages earlier and thinking how much better it could be when I though of the idea of adding a few articles to the page about advertising secrets and advertising tips. I’ve always been rubbish at writing articles, so basicaly just set up the template pages ready … Continue reading “Free Advertising”

Cheap Advertising – Online Advertising

With the credit crunch taking more effect and recession looming, many small businesses who have never had to advertise before are suddenly in the position of having to find cheap advertising. This is especialy true for tradesmen like; bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc. where as in recent years they have had work coming out of … Continue reading “Cheap Advertising – Online Advertising”


When my old sim64 site was doing well I used to have 3 or 4 pages on it about Stairlifts The pages themselves were never very nice, and because I never added a statcounter to the pages I don’t really know if they received many visitors. With this in mind, I quickly set one page up … Continue reading “Stairlifts”

SEO Code of Practice

A new SEO code of practice announced by NRAC looks set to set new standards in the Search engine optimisation industry. With an ever increasing number of companies claiming to specialise in search engine optimisation, the uninitiated client can find it almost impossible to know a good SEO from a bad one. The results of paying … Continue reading “SEO Code of Practice”

New code of practice for garages and mechanics

New code of practice for garages and mechanics New code of practice for garages launched for mechanics and garages. Main features of a mechanics code of practice; The mechanics vow. We promise to honour the code of practice at all times and; When estimating work, not bump up the price if the punter is in … Continue reading “New code of practice for garages and mechanics”

target=”_blank” bad for SEO

Made a discovery today which could effect anybody who uses target=”_blank” when they haven’t got their URL’s configured right. Here is an example, Anyone reading this will see that the spaces between “Wheelchair Ramps UK” were left in the URL but the browser converts these so it reads “Wheelchair%20Ramps%20UK” This page links to the … Continue reading “target=”_blank” bad for SEO”

SEO Competitions

Old SEO Competitions I used to set up pages on  for the SEO competitions but deleted them all a couple of years ago, this week I set up the old URL’s as a test to see if they would get re-indexed with minimum links. Nigritude Ultramarine : Queens Speech : Mangeur de Cigogne : Serps … Continue reading “SEO Competitions”

Business Directory

Popular Business Directory With another hour to go, today looks like being the busiest day ever for new entries in my main Business Directory website. Despite the main submission page causing the odd error message, I have so far had 137 new entries plus at least another dozen which I rejected.

Are comparison websites conning users

Are comparison websites conning users With my car insurance is up for renewal next month I decided to try out a couple of car insurance comparison websites. My first surprise was the fact that no results were returned by my present insurer, Direct Line. This seems strange, as how can we get a true and … Continue reading “Are comparison websites conning users”

Bolux to Google

Has someone at google got a sense of humour? Bolux to Google

Hayfever injection Treatment

Hayfever injection Treatment A new hayfever injection treatment is due to be announced in early spring 2008 which promises to end the missery of thousands of hayfever sufferers throughout the UK. Josh Brock,  an ear, nose and throat specialist at Waddington Hospital  claims A ground breaking discovery in  immunotherapy treatment had been kept a close secret since Autumn 2006 because … Continue reading “Hayfever injection Treatment”

Testing Google to the limits

Testing Google to the limits I made a post in a business forum the other day about one of my test sites that had been filtered by Google and had just returned back to the serps after a long period. One of the people who replied said “Never had a site filtered or penalized in … Continue reading “Testing Google to the limits”