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If you are a regular customer of Total Butler for domestic heating oil this might interest you and save you a lot of money.

Initial post about sales staff discounting prices (made on 3rd December 2008)

I have been a regular customer of Total Butler (Butler Fuels) for over 10 years now and have always had my central heating oil delivered by them and in all that time I have always paid my bill as soon as it arrived and never queried anything.

Last week I phoned Total Butler to order my oil as usual and out of interest asked how much it was now? The reply I got was 48p a litre, I said “Is that the best you can do” and it immediately came down to 44p a litre. Deciding to push it a bit further I said “surely you can do better that that” the guy on the end of the line went away for less than 20 seconds and came back with a price of 40p a litre.

Basically, for the sake of less than a minute asking about the price (only slightly haggling) I got nearly a 20% reduction of my £500 heating bill.

You may think I am happy with this, but no, I am livid. What it shows is that because I have been a regular loyal customer, never queried the price before, I have probably been paying a 20% premium for the last 10 years.

So if you get your oil delivered from Total Butler, have been a regular customer for a yew years and would like to save 20% of your heating costs, don’t just pay the initial oil price they tell you, ask if they can do any better, haggle more and see what happens.

If anyone has any views on Total Butler oil prices please comment below.

Butler Fuels Limited, part of the GB Oils / DCC Group – Previously known as Total Butler.

Update 29/11/13 GB Oil rebrands as Certas Energy

National fuel supplier GB Oils has undergone an exciting rebrand and will now operate as Certas Energy. The new brand is designed to reflect the ambition, customer offering and size of the company.

Please note new Customer Service contact details

Customer Service Manager: Daniel Cassidy

Telephone number:08456 098856

Update 20/09/2012 – Response from Butler Fuels

“Dear Sir, We note with regret that there has been an increase in customers posting comments on this site recently and are concerned that they are perhaps not aware of our dedicated helpline which aims to address any issues.

We were therefore hoping you might consider re-posting our contact details (shown below), perhaps at the top of the page or in a section before the comments start, so that they may be more easily seen.

We are of course keen to resolve any issues customers may have, both promptly and in a mutually satisfactory way.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance in this matter Best regards *******,

***Change of helpline contact details from 1st May 2013***

At Butler Fuels we aim to deliver a first class service to all our customers. If you have any issues with the service you have received, please let us know:

From 1st May 2013 please use the below contact details:

Name:  Sara Richardson

Tel:         01925 858 617



Update 13th January 2012 – Total Butler Name Change

Total Butler are now known as Butler Fuels Limited, part of the GB Oils / DCC Group – Registered in Jersey with the company number 108474

Contact Butler Fuels: Local team – 08457 240 241 (local rate)

Contact Butler Fuels: Head Office (Cheltenham) – 01242 222 999

Contact Butler Fuels: Customer Care – 08457 346 222 (option 2)


Update 5th October 2010 – Updated again 29/02/12 – Updated again 26/06/13 with new contact details

I have just received the following correspondence from a Butler Fuels representative which they have asked me to publish, hopefully this is a sign that they are listening to customers feedback.

***Change of helpline contact details from 1st May 2013***

At Butler Fuels we aim to deliver a first class service to all our customers. If you have any issues with the service you have received, please let us know:

From 1st May 2013 please use the below contact details:

Name:  Sara Richardson

Tel:         01925 858 617




Update 15th January 2010

As can be seen by all the recent comments at the bottom of this page, not only are there a number of complaints about the pricing policy of Total Butler there are also a number of complaints about communications and the fact customers are apparently given misinformation about delivery times.

We cannot blame Total Butler for the weather conditions, but surely we can expect the sales and call centre staff to communicate with their own drivers and not promise deliveries unless they are possible?

Update 14th February 2009

Since writing my initial post the number of comments has obviously revealed that a lot of people are not happy with what appears to be a new telephone ordering system Total Butler have recently bought in.

I was surprised when I ordered my last top up not to speak to my usual local office, but didn’t really think anything of it at the time. I now understand that Total may have changed the system of ordering on the phone? (confrirmation would be appreciated)

This post receives regular visits from users using  an IP from if anyone from Total would like to leave a reply to these comments I will be happy to publish it here.

Please note new Customer Service contact details

Customer Service Manager: Daniel Cassidy

Telephone number:08456 098856

220 thoughts on “Total Butler Oil Central Heating Oil : Butler Fuels – A GB Oils brand”

  1. Butler Fuel completely messed up when I needed to set up a new account due to divorce. They failed to transfer the automatic top-up service and I ended up with no heating or hot water all over the Christmas period. When I queried the mistake they refused to compensate for my increased electricity bill due to use of electric heaters and would only offer £50 towards an engineer coming out to fix the boiler. They had also left the account on the system with my ex-husband’s details and took two direct debit payments in December. Total lack of customer service. I have now closed the account and taken my business elsewhere.

  2. I’ve been a customer of BF for over 50 years and my father before that who was a farmer in Huntingdonshire, when the fuel was delivered from their Buckden depot.I share the comments of the irritated “customers” Loyalty doesn’t mean a thing to them. I don’t know a company that charges a higher price for oil.
    Father had a good relationship when the rep was a chap called Ginger Green.He would be horrified on how the company has lost all respect for its customers.

  3. We have just cancelled our agreement with TB after ten years.
    Failing to keep us topped up as per agreement so we are constantly running out of oil. We implemented a GPS device to our tank so they could monitor it and then they forgot to connect it up. They never return phone calls and the straw that broke the camel’s back was offering us Glomax for no extra cost only to realise they have sold us a premium fuel at 72 p per litre!! And are charging us for it. I don’t think so.
    You treat customers like this you deserve to lose them. Sorry

  4. So pissed off with Butler Fuels….diligently pay up front every month… mega dosh and in massive credit…. registered for regular top-up deliveries so we never run out of fuel… bloody company changes its set up last year and we don’t get top ups and now the boiler has emptied and down to sludge… totally effed up the boiler and now we are going to be without heating for God knows how long before they decide to send a delivery… then we have to wait for an engineer to come back and re-set the boiler… Went to look at my account online as I have for the past eight years… yes you guessed THEY DELETED IT… had to re-set the whole thing and of course my balance, which is several hundred pounds in credit has also disappeared so I cannot check it. They offered me £30 to help pay for the engineer…. but must have felt guilty because they said they would call back with a better deal…when they can find someone to deliver some fuel. SH++++++++++T!
    Now three days later after being promised 3 times today that a delivery was on its way….Totally NOTHING!
    Would you believe, after being promised a fuel delivery that nothing has turned up! we have had no heating since Wednesday morning and now will not likely have any until next week as it is too late to book an engineer to re-set and commission the boiler. I cannot get fuel from anywhere else although I could get a delivery quickly because Butler fuels have had all my fuel budget up front by direct debit on this top-up arrangement scheme that has worked fine for eight years. Now they say it will possibly be Monday but after we have the fuel I have to book an engineer to re-set the boiler and start it all up again. That means we are unlikely to get any heating until the middle of next week! My husband has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and we cannot be without heating for so long,,, it is very dangerous especially if the weather turns as cold as predicted.
    This is intolerable!

  5. The simple rule is, if you are loyal you will pay more. You get charged a premium to be on the Top Up service, also to be on the direct debit service, also if you are placing your second order in under 12 months. Shop around and get the best deal. They will deny this is how it works but I worked there for many years and know for a fact it is the business model. Mind you, it is the business model for the oil distribution industry in general so is not just Butler Fuels. The only advice I have for you is shop around, it’s the only way to get a good deal, otherwise you will be fleeced.

  6. Ive had my oil delivered by Butler Fuels and today recived a letter from them telling me that my direct debit from £80 mth to £195mth an increase of £115.00 per mth which I have written them telling them that I dont agree with the increase I am just waiting for a reply

  7. I had delivery by the most difficult driver yet.instead of filling the tank thro the main filler he insisted on using the smaller connector.resulting in broken washer on the tank.rain got in despite silicone sealant with pressure of delivery helping to crack tank or so it seems. Water broke oil pump in boiler and new tank cost together some 1500 pounds .

  8. Foolishly, I have been a Total Butler (GB Oils) standing order/planned delivery customer for a number of years; now, unemployment forces me to pay close attention to all expenditure.

    With a half empty oil tank, for the1st time ever, I got a call from TB, to advise that a delivery was scheduled and that the price would be 74.3 ppl (September 2013).

    Ok, a quick look on BOILERJUICE ( showed a handy graph indicating that 28sec Kero should be under 60PPL….I told TB to keep their oil for the time being, registered on boilerjuice and placed an order there for 500 ltrs of 28sec Kero.

    Quoted price was 57.07 for fuel on a 10 working day delivery schedule – I signed up immediately.

    Following day I got an email confirming that I would be supplied by Darch Oils Ltd, at an actual price of 56.67ppl (group purchase saving), and that the delivery would be on or before 10/10/13. I was actually delivered on 30/09/13. No hassel, no mysteries, no surprises and a saving over Total Butler of £88.15 (17.63ppl)

    So that’s it – No more being messed about by Butler fuels, no more wondering when I will be delivered, no more risk of running out (which happened 3 times, each time over Christmas)….I’m staying with BoilerJuice!!!

  9. Certainly a supplier to avoid.

    They’ve just delivered my oil so I should be happy BUT it’s taken them 16 days to do it despite having promised it on 3 previous occasions. I actually ran out of oil while I was waiting and guess what – no explanations, no apologies.
    I’ve phoned Head Office, I’ve emailed them and I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to find out what’s going on
    They’ve not called back, they’ve ignored my emails. There’s no offer of compensation for the hassle they’ve caused or the cost of getting an engineer to restart the boiler.
    The only thing they did efficiently was to take my money!!!

    Are they the worst Cornish Oil Supplier?
    They’ll take some beating!!!

  10. NEVER USE BUTLER FUELS!!! First time using them they have managed to miss load their fuel for over 5 days!! Still waiting for fuel, customer care dont return your calls and still not sign of a fuel delivery in the near future!!


  11. I can’t express how terrible Butler Fuels are. DO NOT ORDER OIL FROM THIS COMPANY.

    Not only have they not delivered an express delivery but they’ve completely failed to communicate to me. They had a week to deliver and didn’t. I rang them to ask where the delivery was and they said it would be delivered the next day. It didn’t come and Butler Fuels didn’t call to apologize for being late twice and to explain that it wasn’t coming and when it would come. Instead, I had to call them this morning and their representative said that the “driver had run out of working hours” yesterday. It gets worse: not only had he somehow run out of working hours, the lady on the phone didn’t know when our oil would be delivered. She said she’d call me back when she found out, but didn’t. I had to call again and insist that I was put on hold rather than getting the infamous no ring-back service. When I finally got through she said the oil wouldn’t be delivered today, either. No explanation of when this already late “express” delivery service would be delivered. No apology. No expressed intent to get to the bottom of the problem. I asked her why, if we were supposed to get delivery yesterday, we weren’t going to get it today. Her answer was “paperwork.” One bit of the company hadn’t received the right form from another bit of the company so no one was being dispatched to our house. It’s like the company from Kafka. Essentially we’re not getting oil because Butler Fuels can’t organize its paperwork; and we’re not being informed about delivery problems because they have terrible customer service.

  12. My 88 year old mother has been a Total Butler customer for nearly 30 years. In spite of paying for the tank monitoring service so that she never runs out of heating oil she has been allowed to run out for the second time. In my experience the telephone staff are completely indifferent, customer letters go unacknowledged and unanswered. The drivers, when they come, are always fine, however the comments from some of them on this site certainly do not lead me to believe that they care much about giving customer service. I think they do the good drivers a disservice. Central heating oil from this company is the most expensive you can buy and if, like my Mum you pay monthly for the top up service you are penalised with paying absolutely top price for your oil. This company should be called Total Bxxxxxxs! I would never recommend anyone to use them.

  13. Just had my delivery and I ordered the standard oil but got Glowmax. I found this out when I got the delivery note. I rang them up to check I would not be charged more and they said that they are doing a promotion and doing it for the same price as standard stuff. It’s good in a way as I have got the supposed premium product for the same rate as the standard one. But for those of you who don’t want Glowma,x then check what the tanker is putting in before they do it.

    And I suppose for those of you who do want Glowmax then just order the standard stuff at a lower price and you never know 😉

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