It looks like google are trying to be too clever again.

Try a search on google like this,

and you will see google has added a date to the start of some descriptions, a perfect example is

My listing is at number 2 and the description google displays is,

“6 Apr 2007 Ensurve – Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) Ensurve. Domestic Energy Assessment and Energy Performance Certificate production. Ensurve

Nothing wrong with that you may think, but 6 Apr 2007 doesn’t appear anywhere on the page, within the title, meta description, keywords or any links pointing to the page.

What does appear on the page is the date of entry 04/06/2007 which for us in the UK is 4 June 2007. Google has obviously seen this date converted it to a US format and is using it in the description.

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