Hayfever injection Treatment

A new hayfever injection treatment is due to be announced in early spring 2008 which promises to end the missery of thousands of hayfever sufferers throughout the UK.

Josh Brock,  an ear, nose and throat specialist at Waddington Hospital  claims A ground breaking discovery in  immunotherapy treatment had been kept a close secret since Autumn 2006 because the major drug companies were not prepared to fund further research.

 It is now believed that pressure from campaigners and the fear of whistle blowers may have forced their hands and secret talks have led to the Hayfever injection treatment, which involves de-sensitising sufferers by injecting them with a combination of grass pollen,  antihistamines, Pastinaca sativa and Tetrahydrocannabinol, being given top priority.

Clinical trials are said to be going extremely well with over 97% of those tested reporting that no drowsiness or general lethargy was felt, and discomfort was eased considerably.

A small group in the clinical trials were given an LD50 of Phencyclidine or a placebo, with over 60% of these saying they felt no better.

Further information will be published here shortly.