Testing Google to the limits

I made a post in a business forum the other day about one of my test sites that had been filtered by Google and had just returned back to the serps after a long period.

One of the people who replied said “Never had a site filtered or penalized in my life” to which my reply was “You don’t do enough testing then”

I constantly have different tests running, and sometimes use specific sites just for testing new ideas, theories and for monitoring changes in the google algorithms.

Obviously some of these tests stray over to the dark side, and I sometimes use test sites to see just how far you can push the boundaries, which on occasions has led to me overstepping the mark, hence sites getting filtered or penalised.

The guy in the forum seems to think this is a bad idea, but I personally have always believed one of the most important things in search engine optimisation is testing, testing, testing.

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