Update 07/09/2011

I originally wrote this blog post about Autumn Days after seeing the kids at my daughters primary school performing it for the Harvest Festival on 23rd September 2009

With so many people searching for Autumn Days lyrics, Autumn Days music, Autumn Days information, etc. at the moment I thought it was time I updated it a bit.

I have just read that the composer of Autumn Days – Estelle White died on 9th February 2011, aged 85.

An obituary of Estelle White can be found here – http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/community/obituaries/estelle_white_1_3121582

My Original post made on 23rd September 2009

If, like me, you went to church to see the kids performing in the harvest festival this week, you’re probably sat there humming the tune to Autumn Days. Well just for you, I have found the words to Autumn days and added them below.

The hymn Autumn Days is obviously very popular at this time of the year as I am seeing more visitors to this page from people looking for the words to Autumn days, wanting to know who wrote Autumn Days or generally just asking questions about the song Autumn Days.

A lot of people obviously know the first line Autumn days, when the grass is jewelled because that phrase appears a lot in my analytics too.

It’s nice that so many people seem to remember the Autumn Days song and I dare say more and more people will be humming the tune again in a few weks after this years harvest festivals.

With my daughter moving up to big school in September and the leaving ceremony at her existing primary school coming up, I have also set up a page with the

by Terry Simmonds

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  1. unlike wordsmith, love this song, because it’s simple and as a kid i actually understood what it was talking about. plus it’s fun. the song says thanks for everything even the little things and harvest is all about that.

  2. I didn’t go to Church, but we used to sing this at my primary school every autumn. Brings back great memorys 😀

  3. wow 🙂
    i always think about this song, and it reminds me of how i lived in england when i was little.
    i just couldn’t remember all the words.
    i had always thouught that it was “autumn days when the grass is greener”
    not jewelled.
    but okay 🙂
    learning something new.

  4. Used to sing this everyday and primary school. Every time we got to choose the hymn, it was always this that was chose. Good times.

  5. I LOVED this song at primary school assemblies! It’s so simple and is crosses the barriers between religions. Wonderful. Reading the lyrics brought back so many memories! Thank you! 🙂

  6. Anyone know where to find the tune for this, tell my kids about it and they really want to hear it, they dont sing hymns at their primary school.

  7. i remember this song… aint sang it for ages. It’s ace! Best song on the hymn books… better than the song “you shall go out with joy,”

    only because the you got “and a win for my home team!” start of the football season 😀

  8. ahhh.. sung this all the way through junior school! my favourite song back then was this. so many memories.. made me wish i was in year 4 again!!

  9. I love that song I sang it today at school de de de de ddee dee dee. Today when I walked out of my grandma’s house it felt alot like Autumn and the fist thing I thought of when my grandma said that, it felt like Autumn, was Autumn Days and I started to sing it in my head but sadly I couldn’t get passed Autumn Days when the grass is dualed.


  10. Thank you so much for this. I used to sing it at school and am now planning to teach it to a new generation of Brownie Guides. Happy days

  11. At my school we used to sing this song every assembly on Friday.It gives good memories when I was younger. 😉

  12. My lovely daughter used to sing this, she is now 38!! Just found all the lyrics online, brought back memories – bliss!!

  13. my 4 yr old son came home from school singing this and was amazed when i joined in, a fav when i was at school 30 yrs ago!!
    v special nth changes that much really

  14. I looked for the lyrics to this to sing to my girlfriend, I’m not religious but it brings back fond memories of primary school, along with “Shalom” another favourite! Thank you

  15. OMG.. i loved this :’) we used to shout AND A WIN FOR MY HOME TEAM! then sing sweetly, so i mustn’t fergettt, :’) good timesss.

  16. This brings back sooo many memories from my primary school days, the whole school hall would be buzzing as the teachers and pupils sang heartily! i love it! my favourite hymn at school!

  17. I’m not a Christian, but we used to sing this song when I was at school, and seeing all the lyrics again brought a tear to my eye. It brought joy to me 20 years ago, and still does now.

  18. Thanks for the words to this song. I like it because it doesnt mention god or Jesus, its more about nature and everyday life.

  19. I sing this with my little girl most when we go for a walk after work.
    I wish I could think of somthing else than Jet planes meeting in the air – Im nearly 40 and I dont think its a thing I love so well

  20. Like many other people on here I also sang this hymn back in school, St Andrews in Hitchin to be specific. For the last 20 or 30yrs I’ve been meaning to find the lyrics because as a landscaper seeing the jewelled grass most mornings the tune often pops into my head but by the time I’d get home the moment would be lost and I’d have forgotten of my intention.
    Today I was once again working in an Autumnal garden & found myself picking-up a conker and peeling away the shell to reveal “the silk inside”. This time however, aided by modern technology, I was able to find this webpage and the words that – for so many years – had eluded me. Thanks for publishing them and also for rekindling a small but significant part of my childhood.

  21. In what sense is this a hymn? A song maybe, a pretty trite one (in my opinion) but fine if that happens to be your taste. But it is not a hymn – not written in praise of God – only a vaguely worded suggestion of saying “thanks” – who to – mother earth? Richard Dawkins could sing this hymn without compromising his atheistic principles (assuming he has a thing about planes refuelling in mid air)

  22. Er, Edward, I think that is rather the point of this song. It ensures that the spirit of being nice, thinking about what we should be grateful for and just enjoying the little things in life, are the focus of children singing it. Surely that is what every religion has at it’s core – this song is one that any school child could sing and no Daily Mail reader could have anything to complain about. It is a huge part of my childhood that I remember with joy – I couldn’t sing you another hymn from beginning to end – so it just goes to show how much of an impact it had on me, over and above the more ‘religious’ hymns. It should be our national anthem. End of rant.

  23. Sing this at the special schoolnwhere I work sang it at school myself over 30 years ago and my boys sing at their school too. Its a lovely song and I also know how to sign it

  24. My mum sacked off milk to door delivery services due to their massive over-priced goods and the fact they’d deliver it at 11.30pm the night before instead of in the morning. Imagine the milkman singing his tune when your trying to go to bed. I have to admit though I do still enjoy jet planes refuelling in the sky, and the smell of dead pigs cooking in a pan.

  25. wow, my four year old daughter sang this at the harvest festival in the church of the resorection at the upton priory in macclesfeild cheshire. it has stuck in my mind ever since & i have been trying to get the lyrics since then. it reminds me of days before the beer cans & foul language appeared on the streets of today. im a country boy & always will be & although i am in no way religious, this song gives me hope that maybe, just maybe things will return to how they was when i was a lad. (which wasnt too long ago for me to remember ) 😆

  26. we used to sing this song at primary school!!! it was everyones favourite song because u got 2 shot ‘and the win for my home team’. this was the last song i ever sang at prrimary school. gosh it brings back memories

  27. The woman whose hymn about mid-flight refuelling caused a church’s choristers to walk out defended her song of praise to the jet plane yesterday.

    Estelle White, 70, a former nun and retired teacher of music and religion, wrote the hymn Autumn Days, which prompted choristers at 12th-century St Mary’s church in Wroxham, Norfolk, to throw down their hymn books in disgust. Choir mistress Carole Tims and half her songsters quit when their vicar, the Rev Andrew Parsons, asked them to sing the hymn, which begins:

    Autumn days when the grass

    is jewelled

    And the silk inside a chestnut


    Jet planes meeting in the air to

    be refuelled,

    All these things I love so well.

    They felt that singing in praise of jet planes was not appropriate at the annual harvest festival.

    Miss White thought the objections “ridiculous”. The composer of more than 100 published hymns, she was surprised that the fuss should have been over an 18-year-old song. “It’s not terribly modern,” she said at her home near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

    Mid-air refuelling was a wonder in the Sixties, she said. “It was regarded as amazing.” She considers Autumn Days a hymn for children. It is “rather jolly”, though not necessarily her favourite. “All my hymns are very clear, very concrete. I don’t believe God is vaguely out there sitting up on a cloud with a beard. I think you find the transcendental in everything, so I tend to write hymns that bring in concrete things.” She agrees with the St Mary’s dissenters that not all modern music is acceptable. “Some is quite ghastly,” she said. “You have to have a tune that people can sing.”

    Geoff Marshall-Taylor, editor of Come and Praise, the BBC hymn book that includes Autumn Days and has sold more than three million copies, says the growth of evangelism has fuelled a repertoire of new work, with composer Graham Kendrick leading the way.

    His song Shine, Jesus, Shine beat old favourites like Jerusalem and The Lord’s My Shepherd to come sixth in a poll of Songs of Praise viewers.

    The Rev Christopher Idle, of the Jubilate Hymns group of writers and musicians, said: “Although the best modern harvest hymns do thank God for his gifts, they are also aware of people who are starving.” David Patrick, a music arranger and organist, said: “A lot of children have never heard of something like There is a Green Hill. Many of these hymns today are rather banal.”

    from: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/composer-who-drove-choir-to-rebel-defends-her-plane-song-1358136.html

  28. keeps whirring in my head…so i mustn’t forget…all little people singing it. it was my favourite at school. and give me a gym smelling assembly area and dodgy makeshift stage curtains and Mrs marsh cranking out on the piano and i could be there.
    thankyou for this. loved being 7.

  29. Like so many here, we sang this at school. If I recall it was number 4 in the blue hymn book we had, and every time we were tld to turn to hymn 4 a hushed “yessss!” spread through the hall. Definitely the most popular hymn. I laughed when I saw here that others used to shout “and a win for my home team!” as well.

  30. Thanks for these – I’ve loved this hymn since school, I think because it celebrated life for everything it was rather then the others which felt the need to keep reminding you god this, god that!
    Whereas this hymn celebrates everything, and that’s how it really should be – everybody can join in! 🙂

  31. OMG This reminds me of school grr I HATE SCHOOL It reminds me of autumn sometimes it really random when we sing it and its not even autumn LOL!

  32. This is fantastic!!! I went to college with Sr Estelle, she was much older than us…she was fantastic… so funny and creating these amazing songs. I can still remember her teaching us Autumn Days . It was like a liturgical revolution!!!

  33. Ahh gosh. Some of you lot talking about how it’s trite, and not really a hymn need to rediscover the joy to be had in God. Brilliant song, absolutely love it, and brings a smile to my face! 🙂

  34. Sung Autumn Days this morning at my daughters year 2 class assembly and was thrilled to discover we were singing it…my absolute favourite school hymn and everyone elses too judging by comments on here 🙂 Have been humming it happily all day and its still making me smile now 🙂 Happy Autumn Days

  35. I LOVE this song, as does my fiance….and we have a 9 year joke going on about this, the answer of which he has promised he will reveal prior to us getting married in October!! We would love the church recessional music to be this song but I am getting stuck finding the sheet music of it for the organist. Can anyone help me?! Ta. Jac

  36. I’ve been singing this to myself for years everytime autumn is mentioned, was my favourite at middle school 28 years ago and always remember the boys in the top year shouting ‘and a win for my home team’ – brings back lovely memories and a little tear to my eye – so I mustn’t forget…

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