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Update 07/09/2011

I originally wrote this blog post about Autumn Days after seeing the kids at my daughters primary school performing it for the Harvest Festival on 23rd September 2009

With so many people searching for Autumn Days lyrics, Autumn Days music, Autumn Days information, etc. at the moment I thought it was time I updated it a bit.

I have just read that the composer of Autumn Days – Estelle White died on 9th February 2011, aged 85.

An obituary of Estelle White can be found here –

My Original post made on 23rd September 2009

If, like me, you went to church to see the kids performing in the harvest festival this week, you’re probably sat there humming the tune to Autumn Days. Well just for you, I have found the words to Autumn days and added them below.

The hymn Autumn Days is obviously very popular at this time of the year as I am seeing more visitors to this page from people looking for the words to Autumn days, wanting to know who wrote Autumn Days or generally just asking questions about the song Autumn Days.

A lot of people obviously know the first line Autumn days, when the grass is jewelled because that phrase appears a lot in my analytics too.

It’s nice that so many people seem to remember the Autumn Days song and I dare say more and more people will be humming the tune again in a few weks after this years harvest festivals.

With my daughter moving up to big school in September and the leaving ceremony at her existing primary school coming up, I have also set up a page with the

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